Gabe Imes Nominated for Play of the Year by IndyStar

Gabe Imes hit a curler free-kick against Carmel last August. It went viral thanks to the NHS Student Section twitter account. It became the stuff of legend. And now, he has been nominated for the Play of the Year by IndyStar. This upcoming Sunday, there will be an awards banquet held at Clowes Hall on the campus of Butler University. A red carpet event starts at 6PM with the awards show to follow at 7PM. During the show, a live text message vote will determine the play of the year. Gabe faces stiff competition. A crazy football catch taken to the house. A basketball buzzer beater. But as the video below shows, there is a reason his kick has become the stuff of legend. Make sure #millernation shows out and votes as many times as possible to make Gabe’s free kick the play of the year!